Embodied leadership

Today’s leadership goes beyond intellectual capacities only. Now, more than ever, there is a focus on how you are present as a leader. There is an expectation that you bring an awareness and integration of your full impact and potential to your role.

Embodied Leadership is about leading as a full human being. It entwines all that you say, do, think, feel; all the messages you send from your head, heart and body.

We believe that the body contains a vast amount of information for us, and it acts as an early warning signal of what’s going on that is important to pay attention to as a leader. But often we ignore these signals. Your body is a direct mirror of your mood and can determine the level of your determination, resilience and impact. With this we offer an empowering perspective that allows you to improve conscious leadership and facilitate sustainable transformation.

Let Amy Cuddy give you an appetizer of how ‘Your body language may shape who you are’