Teams in Transition

Covid-19 is challenging us in ways we could not have imagined. This unexpected situation requires unprecedented action at every level of our society. The impact of this pandemic is tangible everywhere we go. Through lockdown, the pressure on organizations in terms of operation, revenues and effectiveness rises significantly. As leaders, it is up to you to figure out how to incorporate new Covid-19 policy into daily routines. This produces significant changes to collaboration and the use of workspaces. How do we balance remote working, teamwork and global trips?

Leaders are confronted with all kind of unexpected changes within their team; changed team dynamics, different expectations about work/life balance, replacement of team members, anxiety, grief and loss of focus. Due to this, all kinds of emotions can arise within teams. Everyone experiences this time differently, and each team member brings a unique story of the impact on their world to work.

If this diversity in people’s experiences is not seen or heard by managers, it can manifest itself in other ways; absenteeism, diminished resilience, turnover, changed motivation. How do we deal with this as a leader? How can you remain empathetic and goal-oriented at the same time? How do you create space for courageous conversation? And what kind of support do you need for this?

The power of attention

Our program Teams in Transition focuses on the power of attention and empathy to manage team challenges. Reflection, recalibration and renewed focus are the pillars of meaningful transitioning. In our approach we follow the principles of the Japanese tea ceremony; Harmony, Respect, Purity and Calmness.

The rituals of a tea ceremony are intended to release the guests from obstructive thoughts and relieve the feeling of weight on their shoulders. Through dedicated attention, the ceremony works to clean away all that is de-energizing. In the same way, our program offers space and attention for the team to focus on finding balance between self, others and environment.

In our program we incorporate the four principles of the tea ceremony as our guiding principles. We support organizations in transitioning through this period of change in a meaningful and sustainable way. We work closely with leaders to build renewed awareness and abilities that are directly applicable in their own work environment and teams in transition.